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Pavement Engineering / Asset Management / Materials Advice / Quality Management

About UsJon specialises in highway asset management issues and pavement engineering. He has wide ranging experience in the management and delivery of Pavement Engineering, Assessment, Strategic Highway Maintenance and Highway Asset Management Services for over 22 years.

Jon’s experience covers a wide range of highway networks including Motorway and Trunk Road, Local Authority, and DBFO Contracts. He has undertaken pavement liaison roles on a number of highway schemes, including the Employer's Agents role for DBFO schemes. Jon has also carried out pavement designs for heavy industrial areas including ports, and also for mine haul and access roads.

Jon also has experience of managing Geotechnical Services for a variety of infrastructure schemes, and has carried out numerous designs of unbound pavements, and road pavements constructed over soft subgrades. Jon has ensured that the whole life of the asset is assessed and maintained by means of thorough interpretation of condition survey data, deterioration modelling and programming optimised maintenance to the benefit of all stakeholders. Jon is actively involved in current research of best practice in Asset Management and Pavement Engineering.

More recently Jon has taken on a management role within a DBFO Co road scheme, which involves liaison with the Client, the Lenders and the Contractor. Jon already acts as the Project Quality Director on behalf of the DBFO Co on this scheme. 

As an ISO 9001 Auditor, Jon can also assist with development of quality management systems.

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